St Louis Restaurants – BBQ is probably the most difficult thing to report on and/or review. This is as scientific as it gets when it comes to cooking. The recipes are secret, some are generations old and others are new and rising fast in popularity. The sauce is just one aspect of it, then you have the grilling or smoking techniques that are mastered. That’s why they are called pitmasters.

Jim and Mary Randall have nailed it. Their story is the perfect American success story. They didn’t inherit the restaurant or recipes, they developed their skills the old fashion way. They worked hard and figured things out all on their own. Read their story on their website.

Their awards and trophies speak for themselves. We’ve visited with Jim and Mary on several occasions. They are kind, generous & know exactly what they are doing. They have their goals and ambitions and are patiently working towards them quite successfully. Starting a restaurant from scratch has to be tough and challenging. They are making it happen. Everyday all the food is prepared using the best of fresh ingredients. Mary manages the inside kitchen while Jim is managing the smokers.

We are not exaggerating to say that we don’t believe that there is a place in Saint Louis that puts more care, attention and passion into preparing food for its customers. If you like quality meats, home style cooking, friendly service and somebody that truly appreciates your business, BBQ- ASAP needs to be your next BBQ meal. We highly recommend their smoked turkey breast. It is very difficult to prepare turkey without drying it out. I have no idea how they prepare their turkey, but it is very moist and delicious. All of their food is!

Their Facebook page has blessed them with a 4.5 star rating with 740 Likes and 445 visitors. Their urbanspoon rating is 80% with 77 votes. Obviously, we don’t agree with that rating at all. Their Google rating is basically a 4 star with only 8 reviews.

We recommend BBQ ASAP! We congratulate Jim and Mary Randall on accomplishing some of the most difficult tasks in the restaurant business. Starting a restaurant from scratch and offering the customers something that many restaurants miss, high quality unique food. We promise that you won’t find anything like what BBQ ASAP has to offer, Jim and Mary, regardless how far you have to drive!

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Marty Smith

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