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Restaurants are waiting to tap into billions of dollars

Restaurants are waiting to tap into billions of dollars

Market Watch publishes an article titled “Restaurants wait for change to tap into $28.6 billion relief fund.”

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisRestaurantDirectory) The web is a great place to find reliable information.  It is also a great place to find completely inaccurate information.  However, we consider Market Watch to be among the most reliable financial and business content on the web.

They published an article on March 24, 2021, about the funds available for restaurants that restaurant owners might find interesting.  It outlines some guides about the funds available under the American Rescue Plan signed into law in March 2021.

We think this article will provide additional information for your research.

CLICK to read the Market Watch article.

We recently published a post summarizing our posts relating to helping restaurant owners titled “Pandemic Lockdown Restaurant Assistance.”

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