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St Louis Restaurant Review publishes news, reviews, Top-10 list, and press releases about and or from restaurants in the St. Louis metro area.

Our reviews are unbiased and have not been bought with ad revenue.  As you can see, there are no ads, nor will there be.  However, there is a Top-10 list that restaurants might choose to promote their rankings, again, based on public reviews, by purchasing promotional packages to help get the word out about their rankings.

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Our mission is to help promote the best restaurants in the St. Louis metro area.  We will not promote negative content that might hurt restaurants with under-performing reviews.  However, those restaurants might learn from the best restaurants’ public reviews and comments.

The success of any restaurant will lie in its cuisines and customer service.

Articles categorized as a press release indicates that it was sponsored by the establishment.  News or reviews are not sponsored.  Press releases, while published on our site, the information contained therein has not been independently verified; therefore, we do not guarantee the accuracy of press releases and suggest that you independently verify the information.  Having written that, we will not publish press releases if we know the information is not accurate or misleading.  We reserve the right to decline the distribution of any press release.

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