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About St Louis Restaurant Review

St Louis Restaurant Review

St Louis Restaurant Review

St Louis Restaurant Review

St Louis Restaurant Review publishes articles and blog post about St Louis area restaurants.  Our reviews are unbiased and based on unannounced visits.  Therefore, there is no staging.  We receive nothing of monetary value for our reviews. Not only do we post our reviews on our website/blog, but we publish them through nationwide press releases.

Restaurants are the stage for many life changing events.  Couples fall in love and some fall out of love in restaurants. People get engaged in restaurants.  Business deals are made every day in restaurants. Restaurants are where couples choose to spend their anniversaries.  Many birthday’s are celebrated in restaurants.  

Restaurants are more than just a place to eat! They are part of our culture and social foundation.

Our objective is to help you find those special restaurants that “get it.”  Some restaurateurs “get it” and some don’t.  We will help you find those that do “get it,” in order to prevent you from wasting your time and money on those that don’t!

While our objective is help you find those special places, it is also to protect you from those that might put your health at risk.  We prefer to be positive.  We apologize in advance if we publish a review that could be negative.  In that event please contact us and prove that your position has changed and we will publish the “good news.”

There are more than 3500+ restaurants in St Louis, MO

St Louis restaurants are becoming more and more recognized, not just on a local level, but on a national level as well.  With an estimated 3500+ restaurants in the St Louis area it is hard to known about them all.  We try to discover the undiscovered restaurants in the St Louis area for those serious diners that enjoy and appreciate the new hot spot in St Louis.  That is our objective!  Plus, we have fun!

St Louis Restaurant Review is owned, managed & published by WebTech Group.  It is promoted by WebTech Group and St Louis Media, LLC.

Additionally, we distribute Press Releases on our customer’s behalf.  Therefore, if you need to publish a press release for you business please call us at (417) 529-1133 (mobile phone) or at our office at (314) 808-1870.

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