Pearl Cafe

Pearl Café - Florissant, MO
Quick delicious Rangoon. Expensive, but then so is everything else these days. Not out of line given inflation. Definitely would recommend.
Stephen Haller
Stephen Haller
Excellent food and service. Loved the mango sticky rice!!!
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson
Food was outstanding from both a flavor standpoint and portion size. A #3 spice level was a perfect heat profile for me as it had some zing to it. The two complaints are our appetizers were served in a timely fashion however, before we took a second bite, our food was brought out! Obviously they should have waited however, it was Sunday around 4pm so it'll be overlooked. The second item is, where do you park? The restaurant is on a corner and all 4 sides had an absolute minimum of parking. We had to bring some home as the portions were large. All in all, we'll be going back! Update April 22 2024 I stand by my previous review. Because the food is so good, I'll overlook both issues. I guess I could order the appetizers and after eaten, Order the food. Parking is still an issue not soon to be resolved tho.
Alan Cromwell
Alan Cromwell
We love this place.
Sibu Daniel
Sibu Daniel
Awesome food and service
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  • Facebook – 4.6 Stars with 328 votes – 4.2K Likes – 4.2 Followers
  • TripAdvisor – 4.5 Stars with 99 votes
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Pearl Cafe, located on Lindbergh Blvd in Florissant, Missouri, offers award-winning Thai cuisine. With thousands of high ratings and reviews online, the quality of their food speaks for itself. They open at 10:30 am Monday through Friday, with split hours.

Pearl Cafe’s online reviews place it among the top fine dining restaurants in the region. Its convenient location on Lindbergh Blvd makes it easily accessible from across the area.

A standout feature of this Thai restaurant is its extensive selection of beverages, offering over 200 beers and 150 single malt scotches from around the world. Unlike many other Thai restaurants that primarily focus on food, Pearl Cafe excels in both its menu and drink offerings.

Business Hours

NOTE: Closed on Sunday – Split hours Monday through Friday.

  • Sunday – CLOSED
  • Monday – 10:30 – 2:30 pm, then 5 pm – 9 pm (split hours)
  • Tuesday – 10:30 – 2:30 pm, then 5 pm – 9 pm (split hours)
  • Wednesday – 10:30 – 2:30 pm, then 5 pm – 9 pm (split hours)
  • Thursday – 10:30 – 2:30 pm, then 5 pm – 9 pm (split hours)
  • Friday – 10:30 am – 2:30 pm, then 5 pm – 10 pm (split hours)
  • Saturday – 12:00 (noon) – 10 pm
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