Broadway Oyster Bar, St Louis, MO

Broadway Oyster Bar, St Louis, MO

St Louis Restaurant Review awards Broadway Oyster Bar, St Louis, MO, with a 4.75 Star Rating

If you like Cajun cuisines, great service and live music with a casual and unparalleled atmosphere, visit Broadway Oyster Bar, 736 South Broadway, St Louis, MO 63102 – phone (314) 621-8811.  Wiki

There have been many restaurants close in downtown St Louis that have blamed Ballpark Village for their failure.  However, the owner (s) of Broadway Oyster Bar gets it and takes responsibility for their own business.  Broadway has actually been able to increase their revenues in spite of the success of Ballpark Villages’ 650 million dollar investment.

My favorite cuisines at Broadway Oyster Bar is their Alligator/Sausage Cheesecake.  Words cannot explain this uniquely delicious Cajun cuisine.  You have to experience it to understand.  This dish will change your life.  Well, not really, but it is excellent.  However, they also offer craw-fish, fried alligator tail, jambalaya or gumbo or one of the five varieties of oysters on the half shell.  They are all great Cajun cuisines.  

If you are the sophisticated type with high heels, don’t come.  You won’t appreciate the atmosphere and the floor is not conducive to high heels.  The atmosphere is almost as unique as the cuisines.  It is not clean, it is old, it is crowded, but that is just the New Orleans atmosphere that they and their customers want.  It is a great atmosphere with great food and service.

This proves that if you have great food and service you will make it in the restaurant business.  While many restaurateurs claim that a small restaurant can’t make it downtown because Ballpark Village has all of the business, Broadway Oyster Bar proves that it is truly the management of the restaurant that determines its success.

They are opening a second location called Grafton Oyster Bar at 215 West Water Street, Grafton, IL.  While many restaurants in Grafton close during slow times of the year, Grafton Oyster Bar will remain open all year long.  It is appropriately 53 minutes from their downtown St Louis location, or approximately 27 minutes from Alton, IL.  The view should be spectacular and it is worth the drive.  After Alton, IL you take HWH 100, which follows the river.  

We would like to say that the most impressive thing about this establishment is that they take the time to read all Google reviews and respond to them, whether they are good or bad.  

Google gives them a 4.3 Star Rating with 140 reviews and more than 1 million views, with the majority rating it 4 to 5 Star.  With the majority rating it that high, the 1 and 2 Star Ratings become meaningless lacking credibility and questioning motive.  In fact, we will remove those low ratings from our score, which is a great starting point.

Facebook gives them a 4.6 Star Rating with 2560 reviews, again, with the majority rating it a 4 to 5 Rating.  Additionally, Facebook has the most reviews.    

Yelp gives it a 4.5 Star Rating with 720 reviews, again, with the majority rating it 4 to 5 Star.  Yelp has the third most reviews.

TripAdvisor rates it 4.5 Star Rating with 696 reviews, making it the 3rd Best Restaurant in St Louis qualifying Broadway for their Certificate of Excellence Award.

We average those ratings together to get an average of 4.475 Star Rating.  However, we recalculate the ratings eliminating the low ratings below the median and it calculates out to be 4.60 Star Rating.  We add additional .15 points that represent our opinion, rounding it up to 4.75.  It is a solid calculation to make the posted reviews more credible by eliminating the worst, which are a small minority.  

Therefore, St Louis Restaurant Review awards Broadway Oyster Bar with a 4.75 Star Rating.  We are confident that this is a realistic rating that consumers can rely on.  

The owner (s) of Broadway Oyster Bar should be proud of, not only themselves, but their staff.  To operate a restaurant that has the sales that this establishment has takes a great team of employees and in today’s world, that is not as easy as it might seem.  Great job!

Additionally, they offer live music 7 days each week.  The live music, which includes national jazz, blues and zydeco acts.  Schedule can be found on their website.  

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