thirteenfifty-six Public House

thirteenfifty-six Public House launches STL.Catering to promote their catering services

TWIN OAKS, MO – thirteenfifty-six Public House restaurant located in the Twin Oaks suburb of St. Louis has recently launched STL.Catering to promote their catering services.

thirteenfifty-six Public House, previously named Krieger’s, has risen to new heights unpredictably by new owner, Dave McDonald, who bought the Krieger’s last restaurant approximately 4 years ago.

McDonald has immediately changed the menu that has been a smash with the local visitors, making everything fresh in-house.  The menu change is largely responsible for the tremendous increase in business, but then, a property developer bought the strip center and began remodeling the facility attracting new attention to the area.

The reviews reflect this new owner and his fresh approach to his cuisines.  Rarely, will you see this upscale bar and grill atmosphere with less than 5-Star reviews.  Naturally, there are rare exceptions to this rule, but the most common complaint is that patrons had to wait too long to be seated.  That is not due to a poor host, it is do to limited setting due to the crowd.

Visit STL.Catering and to get a taste of their catering services described at the new website, visit their restaurant conveniently located at, you guessed it, 1356 Big Bend Rd, Twin Oaks, Missouri.  It is located one block east from 141 and Big Bend Road.


Article announcing launch on STL.News


By Marty Smith

Marty Smith

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