Faraci Pizza

Faraci Pizza

Faraci Pizza, Ellisville, Missouri

I’ve been visiting Faraci Pizza since the late 80’s and it is the same quality today as it was back then.  If anything has changed it has only been for the better.  This pizzeria dates back to 1968 and is reported to be one of the oldest family owned pizzeria’s in St Louis.

The son’s run the business now, Vince and Pete and they are there everyday for every meal and every pizza.  I have never been there and not seen Vince standing at the end of the oven waiting to see if the pizza’s are made to his high standard.  If he knows you, he will acknowledge you and offer his appreciation when you leave.

Their ingredients are the best and cleanliness is at it’s highest standard.  Our opinion of Faraci Pizza is beyond the scope of this review, but don’t take our word for it.  Consider this: Faraci Pizza Facebook has been visited more than 415 times with 2801 “Likes,” giving it a 5 star out of a 5 star rating.  You can’t get any better than being the best. Urbanspoon gives it a 94%, which I am not sure how that can be because I only read one negative review. It is difficult to please everybody.

We lean more towards the Facebook rating.  Pizza is better than just OK, it is great.  The service is great, some of the staff have worked there for years, which says a lot about the quality of the management.

Faraci Pizza is located at 15430 Manchester Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011. Phone is (636) 230-0000. What a great phone number.

We recommend Faraci’s Pizza.  We congratulate Vince, Pete and the entire family on a job well done of making so many people happy.  Few St Louis restaurants accomplish what Faraci Pizza has and they continue to move forward.


Marty Smith

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