St Louis Restaurant Review

St Louis Restaurant Review is back

ST LOUIS, MO – After taking a few months to create some new websites, we will soon be back to publishing restaurant reviews for St Louis area restaurants.

While many consumers think that the internet is built and changes/improvements no longer occur, that is simply not the case.

We created three news sites, STL.News, STLRestaurant.News and STLRealEstate.News.  All three websites were shown in Google News, Bing News, Apple News, and share to multiple social sites.  Additionally, we will be annoucing the launch of another St Louis real estate listing website to help consumers shopping for real estate to view all listings on line at a locally owned and managed website.

However, due to the overwhelming work load, we have consolidates the three sites into STL.News.

STL.News has categories dedicated to STLRestaurant.News and STLRealEstate.News.  STL.News and STLRealEstate.News publishes licensed content provided by the Associated Press (AP).

Having explained the time gap in publishing reviews, we are back.  We will be making modifications/improvements to the site and sometime in the later part of 2018 we will submit the site to Google News, Bing News, Apple News and to maximum distribution.


Marty Smith

St Louis Restaurant Review is owned by WebTech Group. We publish reviews about local area restaurants and distribute them through press releases, social media as well as www.STL.News. WeTech Group is a web host, design, and SEO agency that offers a significant amount of content to multiple news sites.

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