Best Fine Dining Restaurants in St. Louis for Valentine's Day 2021

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in St. Louis for Valentine’s Day 2021

St. Louis, MO (StLouisRestaurantReview) Valentine’s Day 2021 is more than one month away.  However, with dining restrictions proper planning is critical to ensure you get a reservation at the best fine dining restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri.

Restaurants across the nation has been destroyed by the mandated lock-downs forced in attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  For almost a year restaurant owners have been forced to manage around lock-downs, and limited capacity.  As we approached restaurants best time of year, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, St. Louis County mandated another forced closing, forcing restaurants to survive from delivery, and carryout.

We are not making a political statement whether we agree or disagree with the lock-downs.  However, the lock-downs have damaged restaurants severely.  If you dine out for Valentine’s Day please consider doing so with locally owned restaurants to help support the community.

  1. Roberto’s Trattoria & Chophouse – 4.5 with 389 reviews
  2. The Crossing – 4.5 with 266 reviews
  3. Twisted Tree – 4.5 with 211 reviews
  4. Tony’s – 4.5 with 464 reviews
  5. Kreis Restaurant – 4.5 with 304 reviews
  6. Cafe Napoli – 4.5 with 352 reviews
  7. Bristol Seafood Grill – 4.5 with 546 reviews
  8. Carmine’s Steak House – 4.5 with 480 reviews
  9. J. Gilberts Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood – 4.5 with 213 reviews
  10. Chophouse St. Louis – 4.5 with 284 reviews

Our list is an independent analysis and is not sponsored by the referenced restaurants.  The eligibility is based on online customer reviews.  Rankings are subject to change without notice.  Call the restaurants to make your reservations.

Marty Smith

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