Talayna's Italian Restaurant

Talayna’s Italian Restaurant

Talayna’s Italian Restaurant

Talayna’s Italian Restaurant is located at 68 Four Seasons Shopping Center, Chesterfield, MO. Call 314-469-6650.

Talayna’s offers pizza, pizza delivery, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, catering, banquet facility and live music frequently throughout each month.

We published our original review March 9, 2014. Since then not much has changed other than they have added Online Ordering. Combining that with their delivery service proves that they are willing to make changes to meet customer demand. Online ordering is increasingly more important and more people adapt to their smart phones.

We met with the owner this past week (March 9, 2014) of Talayna’s Italian Restaurant, Mehdi Rouhani, and he is truly a professional restaurateur. Mr. Rouhani is kind, professional and knowledgeable about the business. He also owns an offsite banquet facility; The Four Seasons Winery and part owner of another Italian restaurant; Candicci’s Restaurant & Bar.

Talayna’s is celebrating their 50th year in business and 35 years since Mehdi and Susan Rouhani purchased the place. Mehdi and/or Susan is on the premises pretty much all of the time assuring that the restaurant and the kitchen is ran to his high standards.

Their Facebook is lacks activity on the restaurants part, but having written that, they have been visited more than 1514 times, Liked 299 times and given a 4 out of a 5 star rating (revised Feb. 15, 2015). Many restaurants have to create a lot of activity on their Facebook to engage people to “Like” them. That is definitely not the case here. They are not good at self-promoting themselves. That says a lot about customer satisfaction at a restaurant.

We recommend that you visit this dining establishment and we give it a 4 Star Rating. They are well known for their unique Mediterranean and Italian cuisines.

RECOMMENDATION: Visit Talayna’s Italian Restaurant. We recommend their Pizza.
RATING: 4 Star
DATE OF REVIEW: March 8, 2014, revised February 15, 2015
REASON FOR RECOMMENDATION: Rewarding dining experiences & personal interviews with the owner for more than one year now.

Talayna’s Italian Restaurant, 68 Four Seasons Shopping Center, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Phone (314) 469-6650

Our original post was published March 9, 2014, revised and republished February 15, 2015. Since then the ratings have increased slightly and they have added online ordering for enhanced customer satisfaction and convenience. St Louis Restaurant Review is a St Louis Media online publication.

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