10 Best American Restaurants in St Louis

10 Best American Restaurants in St Louis

St Louis, MO (StLouisRestaurantReview.com) As the holidays approach consumers are searching for the best restaurants in St Louis for winter and holiday dining experiences. Staff parties, family outings, special events, catering and more are part of the objectives that consumers will be supporting.

We search the web for consumer based reviews to determine the best restaurants in St Louis. Our list is unbiased and not sponsored by those on the list. Hundreds, if not thousands of reviews by consumers are the fuel for our content.

The best restaurants in St Louis that are categorized as American restaurants are as follows:

  • Stacked STL – 249 consumer reviews
  • Bogart’s Smokehouse – 1329 consumer reviews
  • Hendel’s Restaurant – 490 consumer reviews
  • Twisted Tree – 192 consumer reviews
  • The Shaved Duck – 679 reviews
  • Sugarfire Smoke House (Washington Street Location) – 1043 reviews
  • Eleven Eleven Mississippi – 480 consumer reviews
  • Broadway Oyster Bar – 1488 consumer reviews
  • Russell’s on Macklind – 161 consumer reviews
  • Southwest Diner – 161 consumer reviews

We monitor the list on a regular basis and will continue to update the list to keep you better informed. BBQ restaurants appear to be among the favorite type of American cuisine based on these reviews. The reviews do not lie! Please note the amount of consumer based reviews next to the establishments name.

Marty Smith

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