St. Louis Restaurant Review Adds - How to increase restaurant sales

St. Louis Restaurant Review Adds – How to increase restaurant sales

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisRestaurantReview) We have added a page to our restaurant news blog to help restaurant owners revitalize their restaurants as we learn the new norm to life and business.  The page title is “How to increase restaurant sales“.

Needless-to-say, restaurants have been highly covered by the news media as one of the small businesses most impacted by the pandemic.  Thousands have closed, and almost all are on the edge of closing due to lack of sales and fatigue.

Additionally, we published a press release Monday, March 15th (yesterday) titled “National Restaurant Association Secures Major Wins for Restaurant Relief.”  We have published the page and article to help provide the information that so many small restaurant owners need to survive.  The content of this article was provided by the experts at the National Restaurant Association.  We recommend that surviving restaurants join the national association.  They offer many tools and valuable information on a timely basis to help your industry.

Marty Smith

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