Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis according to unbiased online reviews from more than 4,000 customers

ST LOUIS, MO – St. Louis is known for their Italian restaurants as a result of its rich Italian heritage from Italian settlers.  Additionally, the Italian restaurants were popularized by The Hill district that is home to many high rated Italian restaurants and businesses.

  1. Adriana’s – #1 of 193 results with 193 reviews
  2. Gioia’s Deli – #2 of 193 results with 140 reviews
  3. Roberto’s Trafforia & Chophouse – #3 of 193 results with 340 reviews
  4. Charlie Gitto’s – #4 of 193 results with 837 reviews
  5. Eleven Eleven Mississippi – #5 of 193 results with 430 reviews
  6. Tony’s – #6 of 193 results with 419 reviews
  7. Dewey’s Pizza, St. Louis – #7 of 193 results with 239 reviews
  8. Dewey’s Pizza, Kirkwood – #8 of 193 results with 227 reviews
  9. Trattoria Marcella – #9 of 193 results with 302 reviews
  10. Zia’s Restaurant – #10 of 193 results with 873 reviews

If you are hungry for an Italian cuisine we encourage you to give one of these popular St. Louis restaurants a try.  With more than 4,000 customer reviews, it shows a strong dedication to the best Italian cuisines served with great customer service.

The ratings were based on public reviews as of October 21st at approximately 8 am.  Rankings will change as customer post additional reviews.  Don’t worry, we will update the list every few months.

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