Soulard McGurks at Night

Soulard, St Louis, Missouri

Soulard, St Louis, Missouri

Soulard was named after the developer, Antoine Soulard who was a surveyor for the Spanish government in the 1790’s.

Obviously, it is one of the oldest communities in St Louis. It is a residential neighborhood filled with restaurants, bars and home to corporate headquarters of an American favorite, Anheuser-Busch.

Many of Soulard area bars host live music featuring many blues and jazz bands. It is home to the oldest Farmers Market, west of the Mississippi. There are a few neighborhood groups that organize events and works toward keeping the neighborhood safe and clean. We have discovered the Soulard Restoration Group and the Soulard Business Association.

Soulard is home to the oldest farmers market west of the Mississippi River. It is unique and vibrant for shoppers from the St Louis area. The Soulard Market has approximately 80+ vendors selling everything from home-grown produce, fresh meats, exotic spices, artisan cheeses, pets, fresh flowers and many hand made items. A trip to Soulard Market resembles times from years ago with vendors selling their items and customers bargaining for the best price. The Soulard Market is open year round, Wednesday through Saturday. Soulard Market has a great little YouTube video that you will find fun.

Soulard is host to many events throughout the year including the St Louis Mardi Gras Festival, which attracts thousands of people to the neighborhood. We have read that it is the second largest Mardi Gras Festival in the country. There are parades and all types of events. On the second Sunday prior to Mardi Gras, there is a family-oriented pet parade called “Krewe of Barkus.” It features people and costumed pets. On the Saturday evening prior to Fat Tuesday, the adult oriented “flesh-for-beads” parade occurs.

Souldard Neighborhood Bars & Restaurants

1860’s Hardshell Café, 1860 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 231-1860
Bar 101, 1722 S Broadway, St Louis, MO (314) 223-6081
Bastille, 1027 Russell, St Louis, MO (314) 664-4408
Big Daddy’s, 1000 Sidney Street, St Louis, MO (314) 771-3066
Birdhouse, 800 S 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 214-9000
Bogarts, 1627-29 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 621-2107
Broadway Oyster Bar, 736 S Broadway, St Louis, MO (314) 621-8811
Carson’s, 1712 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 436-2707
Cat’s Meow, 2600 S 11th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 776-0161
Chava’s, 925 Geyer, St Louis, MO (314) 241-5503
Clementines’s, 2001-03 Menard, St Louis, MO (314) 664-7869
CUZ’, 1530 S 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 241-2400
D’s Place, 900 Barton, St Louis, MO (314) 773-1019
DB’s, 1615 S Broadway, St Louis, MO (314) 588-2141
EPIC Pizza & Subs, 1711 A South 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 436-3742
Franco, 1535 S 8th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 436-2500
Franklin’s Pub, 728 Lafayette, St Louis, MO (314) 285-9682
Great Grizzly Bear, 1027 Geyer, St Louis, MO (314) 231-0444
Hammerstone’s, 2028 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 773-5565
International Tap House, 1711 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 621-4333
Joanie’s Pizzeria, 2101 Menard, St Louis, MO (314) 865-1994
Joanie’s To Go, 804 Russell, St Louis, MO (314) 865-5800
John D. McGurks, 1200 Russell, St Louis, MO (314) 776-8309
Johnny’s, 1017 Russell, St Louis, MO (314) 865-0900
Kilroy’s, 720 S 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 620-4943
Llywelyn’s Soulard, 1732 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 436-3255
Molly’s Bar and Restaurant, 801-808 Geyer, St Louis, MO (314) 241-6200
Nadine’s Gin Joint, 1931 S 12th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 436-3045
The Porch, 1700 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 436-0282
Sassy Jacs, 1730 S 8th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 932-1280
The Shanti, 825 Allen, St Louis, MO (314) 241-4772
Sonny’s, 1026 Geyer, St Louis, MO (314) 588-1464
Soulard Coffee Garden, 910 Geyer, St Louis, MO (314) 241-1464
Soulard Gyro and Deli, 2022 S 12th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 241-1235
Soulard Social House, 1551 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 241-3023
Soulard’s Restaurant, 1731 S 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 241-7956
Soulard Sweet Treats, 1705 S 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 241-1235
South Broadway Athletic Club, 2301 S 7th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 776-4833
Sweet Divine, 1801 S 9th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 942-2900
Truemans, 1818 Sidney, St Louis, MO (314) 865-5900
Tucker’s Place, 2117 S 12th Street, St Louis, MO (314) 772-5977

Soulard is a great area to visit, eat and drink. The people are friendly, most of them live right in the neighborhood.

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This article was originally posted on September 27, 2014 and revised & republished on February 14, 2015 & April 21, 2015

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